About the Award
The prestigious Hong Kong Engineering Science and Technology Award (“HKEST Award”) was launched in 2022 by the Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences (“HKAES”) to recognize exceptional contributions and excellence among the younger generations in Hong Kong in the field of engineering science and technology. With the continued support from the Innovation and Technology Commission, HKSAR, HKAES is organising the HKEST Award 2023 this year. The Award sets a high standard and holds significant prominence in commending young scientists, engineers, and technologists from diverse disciplines who have excelled in developing creative solutions to problems through research, development, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and have made significant advancements to the betterment of society. Up to six nominees will be selected to receive the Award.

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The Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences (HKAES) comprising leaders of the Hong Kong engineering community, aspires to play a leading role in promoting the development of engineering science and technology (EST) in Hong Kong, including the nurturing of local talents and professionals in EST for a vibrant innovation and technology industry. For more details, please visit the HKAES’s website.